Full Load was developed in response to many growers looking for more consistent performance of many post applied herbicides such as 2,4-D and Dicamba. Full Load is a fully loaded surfactant blend which also contains the hard water cation scavenger system in Load Out. Most post emergent herbicides are formulated as salts.  All of these salts are susceptible to some extent to hard water cation tie up. Hence most of these post applied herbicides respond well to the hard water scavenger system in Full Load. The surfactant blend in Full Load was developed because many herbicides respond differently to different surfactants. Therefore, Full Load was designed with multiple surfactants for multiple herbicides such as:  glyphosate's favorite surfactant, 2,4-D's (phenoxy) favorite surfactant, and the Graminicides surfactant. Essentially, Full Load is the best surfactant for the most herbicides.  Full Load is designed to maximize efficacy of multiple herbicides under multiple environmental conditions and with multiple weed species.

Full Load Fact Sheet

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