PreLoad is a water conditioner.  AgraSyst built and patented a Hard Water Cation Scavenger System.  The purpose of this system was to replace Ammonium Sulfate (AMS) as a tank mixing partner with glyphosate based herbicides. The original product that used this technology was Load Out spray adjuvant. Load Out was formulated to replace both the AMS and the surfactant.  At the request of growers and retailers Agrasyst took the Hard Water Cation Scavenger system from Load Out and made PreLoad



PreLoad as a AMS replacement product will counteract more hard water cations at a rate of 1pt-1qt per 100 gallons of spray solution than AMS will at 17 lbs per 100 gallons of spray solution. PreLoad is the most cost effective way to protect your glyphosate from hard water tie up.


Research and Efficacy

PreLoad was developed to easily replace AMS in the tank with glyphosate.  The performance exceeded expectations.  PreLoad really works well in non-crop situations where quick burndown is important.