Product Overview

LOAD OUT CA, like many AgraSyst product is a response to grower needs.  Many growers/applicators want a product with a warning signal word label.  Load Out had a danger signal word label.  At the request of many users AgraSyst responded and after much development and discovery work was able to produce a product that worked like Load Out but had a warning signal word label.



LOAD OUT CA Has the same Hard Water Scavenger system that is in Load Out.  The trick (by Trick, we mean the chemistry behind the functionality) here is that we were able to find a way to use the Hard Water Scavenger System in Load Out and formulate it in a manner that LOAD OUT CA would pass the TOX. testing and gain a Warning Signal word label.

Load Out CA.jpg

Research and Efficacy

Most of the research with LOAD OUT CA was to make sure that it works as well as the our other Hard Water Conditioning products while maintaining a Warning Signal Word.