Drift-fiant is the first of our drift reduction products. 

Drift-Fiant is pronounced by taking the (de) in defiant and replacing the (de) with the word drift.

Drift-Fiant reduces the percentage of fines (driftable fines) and increases the mean diameter of the spray droplets in the spray pattern.  Thus reducing the drift potential of the application. Drift-Faint improves both Deposition and Droplet Retention on the leaf increasing herbicide uptake and performance giving you better control. It also maximizes your Canopy Penetration, Drift Reduction, and is a Deposition Aid. 



Drift-fiant is a drift reduction product designed to reduce the number of driftable fines, increase canopy penetration, and increase spray deposition on the plant leaf, thus increasing the performance of your spray application while assisting in keeping your application from impacting your neighbors.


Drift Reduction testING

Drift-Faint is a tremendous general spray drift reduction agent. A favorite of many aerial applicators. Excellent at reducing fines and improving deposition.



Understanding Drift Reduction Jargon

Why the bell shaped curve is important.

Drift Reduction Basics

Drift Reduction or better described, as spray droplet size increase is dependent upon changing the physics of the spray solution without increasing the surface tension of the water droplet. This interaction will in a large degree determine the use rate of the drift reduction adjuvant including Drift-fiant. Too little Drift Reduction Agent and it does not work.  Too much and it will increase fines.