The number one thing that we want out of a herbicide adjuvant is improved weed control.  Below are figures and photos that demonstrate the efficacy improvements with the addition of Full Load COMPLETE.  Full Load COMPLETE contains a patented hard water scavenger system that ties up hard water cations before these cations can tie up, form insoluble salt with glyphosate. Thus increasing the amount of glyphosate active as a herbicide in the spray mix. The hard water scavenger system is formulated into a premium blend of surfactants. Including tallow amine, glyphosate favoritisms surfactant. Thus the performance of glyphosate based herbicides is enhance as compared to AMS and NIS.

Full Complete Eiicacy.jpg

The figures just below compares Full Load COMPLETE to AMS + NIS when applied with glyphosate and glyphosate with dicamba.

Full Load CompleteDIGly.jpg
Full Load CompleteGly.jpg

The newer AMS Replacement adjuvants (AAR) are not all the same. Below is a split field application of an AAR adjuvant and Full Load Complete. Replace your AMS and NIS in the tank with glyphosate with Full Load Complete accept no substitutes.

FLC photos.jpg

Full Load COMPLETE is formulated in a surfactant blend. This gives it the ability to work over multiple chemistries. Below is the results of a trial with 2,4-D DMA salt with 2qts/100 of Full Load COMPLETE. Applications were made in the Fall to Canadian Thistle and then regrowth was measured the next Spring. The results indicate that Full Load COMPLETE assisted in getting more of the 2,4-D into the plant to reduce the number plants regrowing in the Spring.

Full Complete 2,4-Deff.jpg