Load Out is the original premium AMS replacement hard water conditioner plus glyphosate's favorite surfactant.  Load Out replaces AMS + additional surfactants.  Load Out significantly improves the efficacy of Glyphosate and most post herbicides formulated as amine salts. 

Load Out was first invented at the request of growers and dealers who wanted a better way to make glyphosate work better without having to add AMS. Eventually it was determined that AMS was acting as a water conditioner that helped keep the glyphosate molecule from tying up with hard water cations.  AgraSyst invented a new hard water cation scavenger system that could be formulated as part of a more normal surfactant spray adjuvant.  The hard water scavenger system in Load Out can counteract hard water cations at the 1 qt per 100 gallons of spray solution rate equivalent to the of 17 lbs of AMS per 100 gallons of spray solution. Load Out will work it best if all the spray water is treated with Load Out before glyphosate or any salt formulated herbicides.

Glyphosate is formulated as amine and/or Potassium salt.  The amine and potassium are cations (positively charged) Glyphosate is the anion (negatively charged) Glyphosate tie-up occurs when hard water cations (ions with more than one positive charge, calcium iron) replaces the amine or potassium as the salt with glyphosate.  These salts are insoluble and glyphosate no longer acts as a herbicide.

Most post applied herbicides and many fungicides and insecticide are formulated in this manner. Most pesticides formulated as amine salts will also respond positively to Load Out.