Acidic Ammonium Sulfate Replacement Adjuvants (AAR) that have been developed over the last 6-7 years are considered the most reliable, the best performing AMS replacement adjuvants. 

The below pictures are examples of compatibility problems found with the most commonly used AAR adjuvants. 


A significant Property of  Full Load is that it does not increase dicamba volatility. AMS and most AMS replacement adjuvants will increase the amount of dicamba that will volatilize.  The Full Load formulation will actually decrease dicamba volatility by 5% to 10%  where as AMS+NIS and other AMS replacement adjuvants increase dicamba volatility by upwards of 30%.

The Figure below shows the results from Greenhouse Studies averaged over 25 separate studies.


This same trend has also been seen with 2,4-D amine salts.  Although, not not as pronounced as dicamba. Both AMS and  AMS replacement adjuvants increased the amount of volatilized 2,4-D. The Full Load formulation reduced volatility of  2,4-D amine. Summary of trials in the Figure below.